Gazprom completely stopped gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline

12:24 31 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The state company Gazprom completely stops the flow of gas through the Nord Stream for three days - from August 31 to September 3.
The suspension of gas supply is stated in the message of the state-owned company.

Gazprom claims that the suspension of the pipeline is due to the need for preventive maintenance at the Portovaya compressor station (CS). Based on the results of preventive work, the state-owned company promises to resume gas supply to 33 million cubic meters per day with a gas pipeline capacity of 167 million cubic meters.

The need for technical work in Gazprom was explained by the requirements of Siemens. According to the regulations of use from a German company, every 1000 hours it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the unit, including: inspection of the body for cracks, potholes, deformations, burn spots, cleaning of the body; inspection of oil supply systems, air, removal of combustion gases for leaks, broaching of connections and elimination of causes of leaks; Checking the operation of safety valves and adjusting the air flow control system.

The decisions of the Russian company create risks for the European energy market. At the same time, Europe is already beginning to get used to such behavior on the part of Gazprom. European politicians are convinced that the Kremlin is using gas as a blackmail tool for supporting Ukraine in the war.

The reduction in Russian gas supplies has provoked a new wave of the energy crisis in Europe. Gas prices at their peak reached around $3,500 per thousand cubic meters of gas. To reduce the consequences of the crisis, Europe has already taken a number of measures. Countries are increasing gas supplies from alternative sources: Norway, Azerbaijan, North African countries, as well as liquefied natural gas from the USA, Qatar and other countries.