French oil giant TotalEnergies supplies aviation fuel for Russian military aircraft - Le Monde

17:34 25 August Kyiv, Ukraine

French oil giant TotalEnergies supplies gas condensate to produce jet fuel that is likely used by Russian fighter jets in Ukraine.

Le Monde writes about it.

TotalEnergies, unlike Western competitors, continues to operate in the Russian Federation, which has launched an unprovoked, full-scale war against Ukraine. Le Monde has collected several testimonies from survivors in Mariupol that the city was bombed by SU planes, which often circled over the city,” the article says.
The French company, which has publicly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, although it did not translate the condemnation into Russian on its page, said it "does not participate in the decision to produce Novatek condensate" and "does not control its sales."

They added that the majority shareholder Novotek, which has a stake of 51%, alone makes all such decisions.
“Majority thresholds depend on the nature of the decisions,” TotalEnergies justifies, recognizing the de facto ability to block certain decisions.