France considers transfer of Leclerc tanks to Ukraine - media

10:56 19 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The French government is considering transferring Leclerc main French battle tanks to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, in particular to encourage Germany to transfer Leopard 2 tanks.

This is reported by Politico, citing its own sources among French officials.
"The issue is complex and not yet resolved in Paris. But we are thinking about it," the source said.
According to him, the meeting of the German and French governments could influence the decision.
"We'll see what will be decided at a joint meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of France and Germany," the official added.
As the newspaper notes, Western officials fear that Ukraine has little time left before Russia launches a new large-scale offensive, which may require the supply of tanks to strengthen the Ukrainian defense.

The third-generation Leclerc tank was created by GIAT (now Nexter) in the 1980s to replace the outdated AMX-30 tank.. Its mass production began in 1992.. Leclerc is in service with the French army, Jordan and the army of the United Arab Emirates.