France to sign deal with Romania to help boost Ukrainian grain exports

17:00 12 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The French transport minister said he would sign an agreement with Romania to help boost Ukrainian grain exports to developing countries, including the Mediterranean.

Reuters writes about it.
Grain exports from Ukraine have fallen since the start of the war as its Black Sea ports, a key supply route, have been closed for long periods of time, pushing up global food prices and raising fears of shortages in Africa and the Middle East.. Romania, the second largest exporter of wheat in the EU to countries outside the EU, including Egypt, after France and the largest exporter of corn, was one of the alternative routes for the export of Ukrainian grain," the agency noted.
French Transport Minister Clément Beaune said he would sign an agreement with Romania that would allow Ukraine to supply even more grain to Europe and developing countries, including the Mediterranean, that need its food.

According to the minister, the agreement covers exports by land, sea and river transport.

According to the draft agreement, Paris will invest in the development of a project aimed at improving the efficiency of the port of Galați, equipping border posts in northern Romania, maximizing the use of grain containers located in the port of Constanta, as well as increasing throughput in the port of Constanta and through the Sulina Sea Canal.

It would also help build a medium-term strategy for the export corridor between Romania and Ukraine and ensure the optimization of vessel traffic with Ukrainian grain.