Finland plans to build barriers on the border with Russia

14:45 10 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The Finnish government plans to amend the border legislation to allow the construction of barriers on the eastern border with Russia.
Such measures will help prepare for the fight against hybrid threats from the Russian Federation.
This was reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, reports Reuters.

As the head of the department, Krista Mikkonen, clarified, the government will install barriers "in critical areas on the eastern border" with Russia. Its length is 1300 kilometers, while a significant part is covered with forest and is indicated only by signs.

For the construction of barriers will amend the border legislation. This will allow the construction of fences, as well as new roads to facilitate patrolling. The construction provides additional funding for the border service.

In Finland, they fear that Russia may try to put pressure on the country according to Lukashenka's "recipe" - in particular, to send refugees and migrants to the borders. After the legislation is adjusted, the reception of migrants will take place centrally, at checkpoints specially designated for this.

Finland's plans to build barriers on the border with Russia were reported back in early May. However, the government officially confirmed this only today.