The European Union imposes sanctions against individuals and organizations responsible for human rights violations in Iran

17:29 22 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The European Union has decided to impose sanctions on five people and two organizations that are responsible for human rights violations in Iran.
This is reported in the official statement of the EU Council.
The sanctions list included:
  • Iranian Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) Tehran Police Unit Commander
  • a man associated with the "Marie Arvin case" - a lawyer who ended up in prison because of his human rights work and subsequently died.
  • a representative of the Iranian police and secretary of the Iranian Supreme Cyberspace Council (SCC), the body responsible for repression in cyberspace.
Sanctions were also imposed on the IRGC Foundation, the body responsible for managing the investments of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and funneling money to the regime's brutal crackdown, and the Basij Student Organization (SBO), acting as a violent army on university campuses where students staged protests in the fall of 2022. and later became victims of repression and serious human rights violations such as abduction and torture.

In general, sanctions were applied to 216 individuals and 37 legal entities. Restrictive measures include an asset freeze, a ban on entry into the EU and a ban on providing funds to those on the sanctioned list. In addition, there is a ban on the export to Iran of equipment that can be used for internal repression and equipment for monitoring telecommunications.

The EU called on Iran to end the practice of imposing and executing the death penalty on protesters, abolish existing death sentences, ensure due process for all detainees, and end the practice of detaining foreign civilians for political gain.