Europe recommended to conduct more rigorous assessment of Russian visa applications - EC

18:42 30 September Kyiv, Ukraine

European countries are encouraged to conduct a more rigorous assessment of Russians' applications for tourist visas. This is especially true for those documents that are submitted from third countries.

This is stated in the recommendations of the European Commission.

The EC names the following reasons: a new escalation of the war unleashed by Russia, the announcement of mobilization and the associated massive outflow of Russians from the country.

Member States must now apply a rigorous approach to assessing the justification for travel. This also applies to Russian citizens who are fleeing the mobilization.

Long-term and short-term visas

The consulates of the EU Member States should consider the application of Russians for a long-term visa in accordance with national rules for long-term visas.

For short stay visas, consulates should apply any humanitarian reasons in a restrictive manner.

Submission of applications by Russians

Russians' visa applications will also be considered to see if they fall under the "humanitarian" category.

Consulates of Member States should carefully consider cases of Russians applying for a short-stay visa from outside Russia. Such cases should be sent to the consulate at the place of residence in the Russian Federation.

Strict border controls

EU member states should also instruct their consulates and border guards to conduct increased controls and apply a strict approach to reviewing visas already issued to Russian citizens.

The Visa Code provides that the mere possession of a visa does not give an automatic right to enter the Schengen area, the European Commission notes.

The EC also urges EU member states to step up security checks at external borders. They also need to coordinate their actions to avoid that a Russian citizen who was denied entry at one border is accepted at another.