Estonia banned Russian tennis players from playing in tournaments

13:54 27 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Estonian authorities have banned Russian and Belarusian tennis players from participating in professional tennis tournaments in their country.

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A corresponding letter from the ITF was received by tennis players from aggressor countries in mid-July. The reason is the same - the war unleashed by the leadership of these countries against Ukraine.

Thus, Russian tennis players will not be able to compete at the W25 tournament in Pärnu.
"International sport is now in no way separated from politics, Russia and Belarus use sport to achieve their strategic goals. With this decision, we are sending a clear message," Liina Kersna, Estonia's Acting Minister of Culture, said in a statement.
It should be noted that earlier a similar decision was made by Latvia. The UK was the first country to apply sanctions against Russians and Belarusians. Because of what they were forced to miss Wimbledon. However, the ATP and WTA condemned the organizers of the competition and stripped the tournament of rating points.

In addition, the WTA fined Wimbledon one million dollars for not admitting Russians and Belarusians to the tournament.