EU concerned about situation in Western Balkans - Borrell

12:38 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Serbia and Kosovo are on the verge of a difficult crisis. This was stated by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, after a meeting of EU foreign ministers, at which the situation in the region was discussed, Euractiv reports.
"We are very concerned about the situation in the Western Balkans," Borrell said.
According to him, "unnecessary and counterproductive tensions" between Kosovo and Serbia are "reaching a very, very dangerous level" and creating a situation where "we, unfortunately, are on the verge of another crisis."

Borrell noted that this is the most serious and dangerous crisis in the past ten years, and that the withdrawal of Serbs from Kosovo's institutions has created a vacuum.
"The worst could happen in this vacuum, so both sides need to show more flexibility," the head of European diplomacy warned.
It is noted that the situation in the north of the province has become more unstable in recent weeks, when members of the Serb community have resigned from Kosovo institutions in protest against the government's demand that all cars owned by citizens of Kosovo have Kosovo license plates.. Serbia opposes this as it continues not to recognize the independence of Kosovo.
"Kosovo Serbs must return to institutions. The authorities of Kosovo must show flexibility in the issue of license plates and work without delay to implement the agreement on the association of municipalities of the Serbian majority," Borrell said.