Energy crisis in Europe will last until at least 2025 - Bloomberg

20:05 07 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The energy crisis in Europe will last until at least 2025. This assessment of experts is published by Bloomberg.

The process of preparing for the next heating seasons may be more difficult in the event of a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies.

The heads of European energy companies note that there is no quick solution to the problem, so the energy crisis will drag on for several years.
"Europe could face even bigger problems next winter.. It's possible that next summer countries won't be able to fill storage like we did this year," said Niek Den Hollander, chief commercial officer of German energy giant Uniper SE.
The publication notes that the energy crisis has become the worst in the last 50 years.. With prices soaring, the pressure exacerbated the cost-of-living crisis and pushed the economy to the brink of recession.
"If the Kremlin's ultimate goal is to completely cut off Central Europe's supply of Russian gas, then transit through Ukraine is certainly at risk," said Laura Page, senior LNG analyst at energy data firm Kpler.