To combat disinformation, the UK will increase security on the Internet

16:24 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The British government has proposed a new law that would require social networks, video services, and search engines to actively fight disinformation published by foreign countries, including such as Russia.

Reuters writes about it.

The law will crack down on fake accounts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter that were set up on behalf of foreign governments to influence elections or lawsuits.. The Ofcom regulator will develop codes of practice to help comply with the law and will have the power to impose fines for violations.

According to digital ministry Nadine Dorris, the invasion of Ukraine showed how Russia is using the internet to spread lies about its actions, so Britain "cannot allow foreign powers or their puppets to use it to wage enemy online warfare unfettered."
"That's why we're strengthening the security measures on the Internet, " she said.
The soon-to-be-enacted Internet Safety Act will be linked to the new National Security Act, which is also before the current session of the UK Parliament.