"Black Friday" for Russia: Nebenzya condemned Russia at the UN

08:10 05 November Kyiv, Ukraine

At the UN General Assembly, Russia was condemned in its own resolution on the fight against neo-Nazism in the world - an amendment was made to it about the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. And the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, voted for a modified resolution. The "epic" vote was announced by Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa the night before, November 4.

According to him, since 2005, the Russian Federation has annually voted on a manipulative resolution to combat neo-Nazism in the world.

“Today she finished her game: we inserted an amendment into its resolution: “Russia tried to justify its territorial aggression against Ukraine by allegedly destroying neo-Nazism”.Black Friday of the Russian Federation at the UN,” Kislitsa said.

He clarified that Russian representative Nebenzya voted in the UN for a text containing the following: "Russia tried to justify its territorial aggression against Ukraine, allegedly to destroy neo-Nazism; the conscious use of neo-Nazism to justify territorial aggression seriously undermines real attempts to fight neo-Nazism."

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As you know, the Russian authorities and propagandists constantly and groundlessly accuse Ukraine of "neo-Nazism". At the same time, fake accusations are used to justify a large-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine.

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again stated that there is an alleged "neo-Nazi regime" in Ukraine, a clash between Russia and which "was inevitable."