Belarus betrayed Russia a hundred tanks and dozens of armored vehicles

15:12 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

During October, Belarus handed over to the Russian side the amount of armored vehicles that would be enough to make up for the losses of a tank division.

It is reported by Defense Express with reference to the Union of Railway Workers of Belarus.
"During October 2022, the Lukashenka regime delivered to Russia by rail a total of 98 T-72A tanks, 40 units of fully equipped BMP-2 and 20 dismantled (without towers) vehicles of this type, and 53 Ural trucks". As of November 20, the export of military equipment from storage bases in Belarus to the Russian Federation has already stopped," the community says.
It is noted that the Russians received T-72A and BMP-2 at the 969 tank reserve base in Belarus, near which the Urechye railway station is located.

According to the authors of the message, the trains from the T-72 went to Russia from this station on October 9 (20 tanks, the train went for 6 days). October 11 (25 tanks, the train went 9 days), October 14 (25 tanks, the train went 7 days). days) and October 28 (28 tanks, the echelon reached literally a day).

At the same time, the first train from the BMP-2 departed on October 16, 20 complete BMP-2s and 20 dismantled vehicles fit on 24 platform cars, the train arrived at its destination on October 27, 2022. The next echelon with Belarusian BMP-2 for the Russians went on October 21, 20 fully complete vehicles fit on 10 platforms, the train went to the destination for 3 days.

The Russians also took "Urals" at the Belarusian 602 base of repair and storage, near which the station "Old Roads" is located.
"The first echelon of 37 trucks left on October 11, arrived at its destination on October 21, 2022. The next train for 16 trucks left on October 14, 2022 and arrived at its destination on October 29.
At the same time, the Belarusians returned to the Russians 15 empty platform wagons, which could accommodate up to 30 infantry fighting vehicles or up to 30 trucks.
"It seems that the Lukashenka regime did not agree on something along the way with the Putin regime, so the supply of equipment from Belarus for the Russian army was temporarily suspended," the journalists write.
Consequently, over the past month, Russia received from Belarus so many armored vehicles that it could be enough for a "beaten" tank division. In addition, the publication draws attention to the fact that the Russian military leadership attaches paramount importance to tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, while trucks are only of secondary interest to them.
"Against this background, the Russians received "too few" trucks from the Belarusians, given the logistical problems that are now brewing in the Russian army. But two options are possible here at the same time: either the Republic of Belarus did not want to "share" the trucks, or the rashists did not consider it necessary to ask" , analysts emphasize.