Activists from Buryatia asked Biden to help separate from the Russian Federation

18:06 18 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The League of Free Nations, which united representatives of the peoples enslaved by Moscow, turned to US President Joe Biden for help.. Activists from Buryatia, Mordovia and Tatarstan asked the American president to support their peoples in exercising their right to self-determination.
Activists timed the open letter to coincide with the annual Week of Enslaved Peoples, which has been held in the United States since 1959.. The representative of Buryatia Rajana Dugar-DePonte, the Tatar Irshat Khabi and the representative of the Finno-Ugric people Erzya Vitaly Romashkin staged a rally in Washington with the flags of their peoples.
“As a Buryat, it pains me to realize that the Kremlin uses the Buryat guys to achieve their criminal goals - to seize new territories and expand the borders of the empire.. War is all that Moscow can offer children from the Buryat villages. Die like cannon fodder in the next Russian war of conquest. I do not wish such a future for Buryatia and my people," said Rajana Dugar-DePonte.
She believes that the peoples of the Russian Federation have become in fact hostages of the Moscow regime, which have no choice but war or prison.
"We do not see the future of our peoples as part of Russia and do not want to be responsible for the war crimes of the Kremlin," Romashkin added.
Activists also plan to hold rallies in American cities to assert their right to self-determination.
"Today we are in the same position as Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia 40 years ago. We will strive for decolonization," Irshat Habi said.