Amnesty International lost about 400 donors after a report criticizing the Ukrainian Armed Forces

12:54 12 August Kyiv, Ukraine

After the publication of a report critical of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, about 400 donors stopped making donations to Amnesty International.
It is reported by MTV Uutiset.

Amnesty Finland Executive Director Frank Johansson said the number of people who have stopped donating to the organization has increased this week.
"The final figures may not be known until early September, when all donations for August have been received, " Johansson said, but added that new donors have appeared since the scandalous report was published.
It is reported that in Finland alone the organization has about 40,000 donors, that is, the number of people who stopped donating is about 1% of the total number of donors to the organization, and about 30,000 people are regular monthly donors to Amnesty International.
This is far from the first time that donors have announced in droves that they are stopping their donations to Amnesty.. However, according to Johansson, the buzz caused by the Ukraine report, and the number of people who stopped donating as a result, is the most in his 32-year career with Amnesty.

Previously, if this happened, then it was about less than a hundred people who refused regular donations.

Johansson added that he felt the scandalous report was not factual enough and did not clearly state that Amnesty was condemning Russia's military actions.