The importance of the upcoming NATO summit cannot be overestimated

14:57 27 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The upcoming 36th NATO summit in Madrid will be historic not only because it is timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Spain's accession to the Alliance, it is planned to declare Russia a "threat to peace and stability", and not a partner, as was thought until recently.

In addition, the upcoming summit, scheduled for June 29-30, is very important for US President Joe Biden, who in his election campaign emphasized rallying America's allies.. Alliance in this aspect is a key indicator.

NATO unity is primarily being tested by Ukraine, whose defense remains the most pressing issue for the whole world.. The masks fall off one after another, revealing the not always pleasant truth about the true attitude of the bloc countries to the Ukrainian crisis.

President Biden is obviously looking to cheer up allies and get wealthy European countries to open their wallets, but will the Europeans go for it? After all, America delayed sending serious weapons for three months, allowing the Russian army to move deep into Ukrainian lands.

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy, an independent non-profit economic research institute and think tank that ranks among the world's most influential think tanks, has produced a report that shows some countries are helping Ukraine significantly, while others are mostly talking.

In total, from January 24 to June 7, 2022, the German think tank tracked 85 billion euros of intergovernmental commitments for financial, humanitarian and military assistance.

US tops the list with 42.7 billion euros vs. 27.2 billion euros allocated by the EU. Analysts of the institute draw attention to the fact that the US contribution is twice as large as that made by countries in which the war is practically behind the fence.

The report argues that wealthy France and Germany were the most tight-fisted and did not do even half of what they could afford, and the situation continues to heat up. Threats to Lithuania for imposing EU sanctions on the transit of Russian goods very eloquently coincided with the announcement of the Kremlin's intentions to supply nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus.

Up to 40,000 allied troops are concentrated in the countries bordering Ukraine, the Baltic countries are in a panic and rightfully so. 100,000 American soldiers are in Europe, but the request of the Baltic countries for a significant increase in troops and weapons is up in the air. Alliance member countries could help, but for this it is necessary to increase defense spending.

Of the 30 NATO countries, only eight countries pay the required 2% of GDP in good faith, this fact greatly resented President Trump at one time, he even threatened to deprive malicious non-payers of protection in his usual manner, but no one was especially scared and most still do not pay . Even Germany does not fully fulfill its obligations. Italy tearfully promised to reach 2% only by 2028, Belgium, pretending to be an orphan, announced the possibility of paying contributions only in 2035. In modern realities, this is just sabotage and betrayal.

Probably the most indicative in terms of the unity of decision-making within the Alliance is the issue of the entry into NATO of Finland and Sweden, against which Turkey is strongly opposed.. On June 26, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had an apparently difficult conversation with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in a press release that was brief: the parties discussed "the importance of NATO unity."

Most likely, this means that the United States failed to bend President Erdogan and the NATO door, which loudly slammed in front of Helsinki and Stockholm, finally showed that Biden, the de facto leader of the Alliance, is the “naked king” and the first exclamation about this will obviously sound in Madrid, unless of course Washington will not offer the “sultan” something very desirable, and he will not change his rhetoric.

In the meantime, it is quite clear that if, in such critical conditions of the threat of nuclear war, the Alliance cannot unite or at least demonstrate the appearance of consolidation, then trust in NATO as a defensive structure will melt like smoke, and Joe Biden will lose the remnants of his rating by bringing to White house from Spain is nothing but color photographs.