In Russia, everyone is mobilized

21:04 23 January Kyiv, Ukraine

After Putin announced the mobilization at the end of September last year, he said that only those who have a military specialty and are in the reserve will be called up. At the same time, many confirmed cases refute his words. Russian military registration and enlistment offices take everyone: old, young, IT-specialists, foreigners, fathers of many children, conscripts, etc.

In particular, mobilized men from large families managed to challenge their right not to go to Ukraine through the courts.. They were sent back to Russia to the location of military units. However, after only a few weeks, they were sent back to the front.

An exception, perhaps, are people with disabilities who move in wheelchairs. Although, understanding what kind of people are sitting in the Kremlin and those who obey them, it is possible that soon there will be separate units of disabled people who control drones.