In Russia, even the dead are mobilized

22:03 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

At the end of October, the family of the missing conscript from the cruiser Moskva, originally from St. Petersburg, received a summons on his birthday. He was threatened with prosecution for failing to appear. However, for more than six months, neither relatives nor friends know anything about the ship's cook from the former “flagship of the World Cup of the Russian Federation”.. The family of the missing person said that the conscript stopped communicating on April 8, when the ship left the port of Sevastopol. There is no official information about his death, and his mother has been trying to get at least some information from the authorities for six months.

Obviously, the guy died, like many members of the Moscow team. The incoming summons testifies to the indescribable chaos that is happening in the military infrastructure. Of course, such people as, in fact, the deceased sailor, serve as a trouble-free electoral base for Putin during the election period, but they can no longer pick up a machine gun after the first death. However, for Russia this is the norm. It is surprising that relatives have not yet been prosecuted for, for example, “hiding a dodger”.