In the Crimea began to massively sell real estate

21:43 21 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Back in early March 2022, it became known that Russian FSB officers began to leave Crimea and sell their apartments. This was the first "bell" that soon the peninsula should return under the control of Ukraine. However, the zombie population of Russia did not worry about anything, and in the summer, many, for lack of an alternative, went to the Crimea on vacation.

It is worth noting that even after the first strikes on the military airfield in Novofedorovka, the Russians, for the most part, believed in the version of propaganda about “bungling” at the airbase, which resulted in an explosion. However, the subsequent “claps” at military facilities, as well as the regular use of air defense by the invaders over the entire territory of the peninsula (especially in the area of the Kerch bridge), opened the eyes of the Russians. They massively began to leave the Crimea and at the same time sell their apartments and other real estate.

Soothing "tales" from propagandists have ceased to work. When the civilian occupiers saw the explosions with their own eyes, and some heard the whistle of fragments over their heads, they rethought who really Crimea is.

The irony is that by purchasing real estate on the peninsula, they did so in violation of international law, since no one in the civilized world has ever recognized the annexation of Crimea. Leaving the occupied territory in a hurry and putting up their property for sale, the Russians have every chance to transfer it, “as a gesture of goodwill”, to the rightful owners of Crimea, without receiving a penny.