Countries neighboring Russia help the aggressor in the production of weapons

20:15 01 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Many laughed at the fact that the occupiers steal household appliances from Ukrainian houses without exception. However, in addition to the banal desire to get a conditional washing machine for free, the Russian army uses internal electronic components in the production of heavy equipment and missiles.

Therefore, the increase in imports of countries neighboring the Russian Federation (we are most likely talking about the countries of Central Asia and the South Caucasus) causes not unfounded fears that the Kremlin, through intermediaries, plans to dismantle household appliances and use electronics for military purposes.

However, if this is confirmed, it is possible that the West may develop a mechanism for regulating the supply of household appliances and electronics to countries that have so far remained neutral to Russian policy. The Kremlin decided to destroy the economy not only of its own country, but of all its dependent neighbors.