Shells with depleted uranium, as it was in Serbia

14:52 26 April Kyiv, Ukraine

At the end of March 2023, British Deputy Secretary of Defense Annabelle Goldie announced that, complete with a company of Challenger 2 main battle tanks, it is planned to supply armor-piercing ammunition containing depleted uranium to Ukraine. These projectiles have stunning effectiveness against the most modern tanks and armored vehicles, Ms. Annabelle proudly broadcasts.

Very easily and joyfully, a resident of a distant island reports a deadly cargo, which will soon, some say already, reach our shores. The point is understandable, tanks and missiles are also a weapon of death and come to us in unimaginable sizes, we thank you for this, we ask for more and more. But uranium is death elevated to an absolute, an invisible killer that kills slowly, with taste, without distinguishing between friends and foes, children and adults, civilians and military. You think the end justifies the means, unfortunately not.

Serbia and Iraq share the sad experience of their relationship with uranium shells, whose population suffers en masse from the consequences of radiation sickness, but no one hears them.

The use of uranium in the manufacture of shells is justified by the fact that, in addition to radioactivity, it differs in weight and strength, which increases its armor-piercing significantly, as well as the ability to self-sustaining combustion.

Radioactive dust generated during combustion settles on equipment, buildings, in the lungs of people and on the surrounding area. The wind readily carries radiation over vast distances, starting deadly processes in everyone who breathes this air.

A pregnant mother will no longer give birth to a healthy child, although she was tens of kilometers from the battlefield, it would seem safe, just the wind rose turned like this. The arable land, on which the uranium shell was used, will generously endow us with poisonous ears in autumn. Do you think there will be many people willing to buy grain in Ukraine next year? Most likely for many years it will be fed to us. Talking about the half-life and other rubbish is simply stupid, there are such numbers that several civilizations can change, not like generations that will feel the consequences of infection.

"Balkan Syndrome" - as the consequences of the use of uranium in ammunition began to be called, hit primarily the American military personnel who participated in the bombing of Iraq and Yugoslavia, who began to suffer massively from radiation sickness. The Pentagon was bombarded with a pile of lawsuits from veterans suffering from cancer, but US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright did not recognize the connection between the use of these shells and an outbreak of cancer in the troops.

The use of depleted uranium in Serbia was completely unjustified, even excessively, with a colossal superiority in strength, NATO could easily get by with conventional weapons. Instead, a huge territory was infected, the number of oncological diseases among the civilian population is only growing and will continue to be so for hundreds of years. Probably the fact is that Serbia, like Ukraine, is far from London and Washington.

In fact, we can talk about the consequences comparable to the use of a dirty atomic bomb, the point is only in the number of shells fired, in Iraq and Yugoslavia it was about several hundred tons. How many uranium shells will be fired in our fields is still unknown.

Moreover, there is an alternative in terms of armor-piercing - tungsten cores, but we are not talking about the supply of such shells.

I want to emphasize that no country in the world has used ammunition containing depleted uranium on its territory - this is suicide. I absolutely do not want to become the first country that independently guarantees its own population and its troops with oncology.

37 years ago, exactly on this very day, Ukraine experienced a terrible tragedy in Chernobyl, the consequences of which we feel to this day. 2.6 thousand square meters. km make up the exclusion zone, a zone of dead land that will never be safe again. Tanks Leopard 2 and their comrades BMP Bradley and Marder, armed with armor-piercing projectiles with a uranium core can provide us with a comparable effect. By whose will they will be used in Ukraine, do we really want to destroy the territories that we liberate?