Saudi Arabia concerned about possible Iranian attack

09:22 07 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Anti-government protests continue in Iran. By attacking neighboring countries - Saudi Arabia and Iraq - Tehran could shift the attention of the people to more global problems.

At the same time, when asked by Joe Biden about what is happening in Iran, he replied - "do not worry, soon the Iranians will liberate their country." His words indirectly confirm that the national resistance in the country is supported by Washington.

If Tehran nevertheless decides to start a war with neighboring countries, then this is unlikely to lead to a limitation of assistance to Ukraine, as many might think.. That is, the relationship between the US and the countries of the Middle East remains quite strained, despite the fact that the West needs oil from Saudi Arabia. However, the US Air Force is on alert at its permanent base in the Persian Gulf, which means that in the event of hostilities, they must take part in repelling an Iranian attack.

The West understands that the introduction of new economic sanctions will not help contain Tehran, including preventing the transfer of drones and missiles to Russia. Therefore, the United States obviously supports and can finance popular protests of the Iranians, but if necessary, they are ready for a direct military clash with this country.