Russia awaits international tribunal

16:51 17 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Gathering data on war crimes is a lengthy process. All facts are subject to detailed investigation, even if at first glance it seems obvious who is guilty. The situation is further complicated by the fact that almost every day, there is a new terrorist attack and a violation of the laws and customs of war by Russia.. Nevertheless, already in the fall, the international court of the UN may start a case against the Kremlin.

At the same time, the process will not yet concern war crimes. However, its significance is no less important for our country, since the case of the commission of genocide by the Russian Federation in Ukraine should be considered in The Hague.

Repeated statements by Russian propagandists and officials that "Ukrainians must be destroyed" did not go unnoticed. In addition, the aggressor army killed and continues to kill Ukrainians with extreme cruelty, including civilians.. All this is happening just because of the Nazi ideas of the Kremlin.

Several countries have already officially recognized that Russia is committing genocide against the Ukrainian people. The court in The Hague will allow this to be concluded in the international arena, after which it will be extremely difficult to challenge their decision. And besides Russia itself, no one dares to condemn world law. If the UN recognizes the act of genocide in Ukraine in 2022, then in the future, the military tribunal that will consider cases of war crimes of the Russian Federation will probably condemn all those involved in this to the highest penalties.