Russia is back to food blackmail

06:25 30 October Kyiv, Ukraine

US President Joe Biden called outrageous Russia's suspension of the agreement on the supply of grain. “This is completely outrageous, it will lead to increased hunger. There is no reason for them to act like this,” the American leader said.

Biden was wrong about one thing - “they” have every reason to block grain supplies from Ukraine. Since the EU has reduced imports of Russian gas to 7%, an oil embargo will come into effect from December and more and more European countries will completely abandon the aggressor's hydrocarbons - this pressure lever has “disappeared”.

Nuclear blackmail does not work as Putin hoped, and the West is ready to respond with force if the Kremlin uses nuclear weapons. And there is nowhere to raise the stakes. Therefore, the threat of escalation by Russia also does not frighten anyone.

The only thing a bunker can try to manipulate is food. So far, the Black Sea Fleet is still combat-ready. However, the recent attack by naval drones on Russian ships right in the Sevastopol bay suggests that this pressure lever should soon “wither away”.

The world knows that Putin's only method of doing business is blackmail and intimidation. Therefore, Ukraine, together with the West, is able to predict the terrorist's next steps and prepare a plan in advance to prevent their implementation.