Russia is losing its last allies

10:55 28 October Kyiv, Ukraine

On December 14, the first of its kind summit of the EU and ASEAN member countries is to be held in Brussels. ASEAN includes 10 states of the Asia-Pacific region: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei. Asian officials are expected to publicly condemn the Russian invasion and call on Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine.. Since February 24, the ASEAN states have remained neutral and behaved like China. Public condemnation could be followed by partial support for Western sanctions.

It is noteworthy that the Asia-Pacific region and especially the ASEAN members are experiencing significant influence from the PRC. It cannot be ruled out that such a position of the members of the Asian association could have been dictated by Beijing.

One way or another, the Kremlin is losing the opportunity to win over to its side the states that previously remained neutral towards Russia and in the future could become its allies.. Putin again “outplayed everyone”.