Russian universities for the elite rich

21:13 14 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Alexander Buzgalin, doctor of economic sciences at the Moscow State Institute, says that the average Russian cannot afford to send his child to an institute or university, because the average price tag for education is 30 thousand rubles a month. According to him, the average salary across the country is “slightly above this amount.”. And this is without taking into account the rental of housing, if the future student plans to study in another city.

At the same time, for the so-called Russian elites, such an amount is negligible. However, history shows that a few officials, politicians and representatives of big business leave their offspring to study at home. Apparently they trust the education system of the “decaying West” more than the domestic one.

In Russia, it has long been out of fashion to be smart and educated.. This is confirmed, among other things, by a poorly educated leadership. It is obvious that an accessible education would set a precedent for a thinking section of the population who could understand politics and understand how to change or fight the usurpers of power.