Republic of Belarus stopped releasing Russians

15:23 26 October Kyiv, Ukraine

It is obvious that the Russians, who fled to Belarus in the hope of escaping mobilization there, supported the idea “we are out of politics”. Otherwise, they would know that this republic is considered “fraternal” for Putin, but not for the people of the Russian Federation.

After the mobilization announced on September 21, the Russians began to flee their country. Their direction was the countries of the near abroad. However, even then, almost all observers noted that it was not safe to flee to Belarus, because Lukashenka is extremely dependent on Putin and is unlikely to give protection to Russian deviators.

After October 20, Belarusian law enforcement officers began to remove Russians subject to mobilization from flights. Their further fate is not known. However, there is no doubt that if a person has already received a summons and decided to flee to the Republic of Belarus, the KGB of Belarus will certainly return him to Russia.

“Brotherly peoples” is a myth dispersed by the Kremlin. "Brotherly regimes" - the reality of two dictators - Minsk and the Kremlin. They do not care about the lives of their own people, and at the moment the task is to lasso as much cannon fodder as possible for the war in Ukraine, in order to cover as much of the Ukrainian territory as possible with this meat.