Prigozhin creates the headquarters of PMC "Wagner"

10:22 04 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The main sponsor and owner of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced the creation of the Wagner Center in St. Petersburg. “The PMC Wagner Center is a complex of buildings that houses space for free accommodation for inventors, designers, IT specialists, experimental production and start-up spaces. The mission of PMC Wagner Center is to provide a comfortable environment for generating new ideas in order to increase the defense capability of Russia, including information. If the project shows its success and relevance, we will consider the need to open branches,” Prigogine said about the future of his ambitions.

In fact, the Russian criminal announced the creation of another special service in Russia, which will have to report exclusively to him alone. In practice, this means the beginning of a redistribution of spheres of influence within the country and the completion, as Putin himself likes to repeat, of the “unipolar system”, but not in the world, but in Russia.

It is worth noting that the existing special services of the Russian Federation, from the very beginning of their existence, do not stop the struggle for power. These are “buggers” who are always at war with each other, who do not disdain blackmail, bribery and even the murder of competitors. What can we say about the new structure, which does not obey anyone except Prigozhin, in turn, who is hated by almost the entire Russian elite. Soon it will be possible to watch how Russia eats itself from the inside. It cannot be ruled out that the creation of the PMC Wagner Center by Putin's chef will become the spark that ignites the flames of civil war within Russia.