The transfer of tanks by the West to Ukraine is already being discussed

11:26 10 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Simultaneously with the United States, which added Bredley armored vehicles (50 units) to the list of military assistance, the Germans (up to 40 Marder BMPs) and the French (AMX-10 RC - the number is not yet known) made their contribution. Ukraine has been asking for deliveries of heavy weapons for a very long time and finally began to receive them.

At the same time, negotiations continue on the transfer of heavier weapons to Kyiv, namely tanks - Leopard 1, Leopard 2, Abrams, Soviet tanks that have remained in NATO countries since the Cold War, etc. Finally, they got to the point that the Western partners stopped responding with a “categorical refusal” and now “do not exclude the supply of tanks in the future”. In the same way, a few months ago, the West was talking about infantry fighting vehicles, MLRS, missiles and other weapons more serious than "Javelin" and "Bayraktar", which our country now receives regularly.

The main reason for refusals to give Ukraine everything that our authorities demand is called in the West "fears of a direct military clash between Russia and NATO." At the same time, the Kremlin has long been saying that the West is the “direct party to the conflict,” but so far, not a single Russian missile or army has crossed the border of Western countries (with the exception of random incidents). Such political games cost the lives of thousands of people.

One way or another, soon Ukraine will have to receive such Western tanks it needs and negotiations will go on more modern technology.. In Germany, for example, the supply of old and new Leopard models to Kyiv is already being discussed with might and main. So far, there is a discussion and, obviously, Berlin will not be the first to do this, but will wait, as it has happened more than once, for the United States.