New US military aid package sends signal to NATO partners

17:47 14 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Enemy propagandists throughout the entire period of the war tried to convince Ukraine, the Russians, and also to convey to the pro-Russian part of the world that the West, allegedly, stops supporting our country. I wonder how then to explain the incessant supply of weapons, humanitarian aid and money to support the economy of Ukraine?

The new aid package from the US alone is estimated at approximately $3 billion and includes:

- 100 armored personnel carriers M113;

- 55 MRAPs;

- 138 HUMVEEs;

- 18 155-mm self-propelled howitzers;

- RIM-7 "Sea Sparrow" missiles for air defense;

- 70,000 155-mm artillery shells;

- 500 155-mm shells "Excalibur";

- 1200 155-mm shells of remote anti-armor mine systems (RAAM);

- 36 105-mm towed howitzers and 95,000 105-mm artillery shells;

- 10,000 120-mm mortar shells;

- ammunition for "HIMARS";

- 4,000 Zuni aircraft missiles;

- about 2,000 anti-tank missiles;

- sniper rifles, machine guns and ammunition.

A separate item worth noting is 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with 500 TOW anti-tank missiles and 250,000 25 mm ammunition. For the first time, the United States transfers an armored vehicle with an anti-tank gun. In fact, the Bradley is a light, maneuverable tank capable of carrying troops of up to 6 people.

It is worth recalling the HIMARS systems announced and then transferred to Ukraine. Shortly after the United States, NATO allies began to pass similar MLRS. This means that after Kyiv receives the Bradley from the Americans, we should expect to receive similar light tanks from Germany, France, Great Britain and other Western countries.

We can say that another barrier has been overcome. The next stage is likely to be heavy tanks, aircraft and combat helicopters. Although it is not known exactly when this will happen, there is no doubt. Ukraine will get everything it needs to win the war.