Nobody wants to buy Russian weapons

12:52 27 August Kyiv, Ukraine

From August 15 to 22, the Army-2022 forum was held in Russia. The exhibition was attended by representatives of states that did not support international sanctions against the aggressor. However, this year the amount of contracts amounted to only 390 million dollars, and their number was reduced to 2. At the same time, 20 contracts were signed last year for a total of $2 billion.

A number of experts spoke about this at the beginning of a full-scale offensive. No one wants to acquire Russian weapons after the aggressor's army showed them in real combat conditions. It does not meet the high standards of propagandists like “no analogues”.

On the other hand, Ukrainian defenders have shown the effectiveness of Western weapons, and therefore, the demand for them will increase.. Russia itself revealed all the cards and it turned out that "the king is naked."