No "Russian world" in Estonia

05:18 08 May Kyiv, Ukraine

A fine of up to 1200 euros or arrest and no negotiations - in Estonia they decided to severely suppress the desire of lovers of the Russian world to gather under the flags of the Russian Federation or the Soviet Union on May 8-9. Russia not only turned this day into a celebration of obscurantism, but also made it one of the symbols of Putinism. Victory Day is used in propaganda as a symbol of the Russian world, as well as the procession of the immortal regiment.

The fact that the Baltic States are fighting manifestations of modern fascism is not surprising. The reaction of the Kremlin is interesting. For some reason, Putin does not start a war against Estonia, although there now (quite rightly), the infringement of Russians is happening, according to the crazy dwarf, more than it happened in Ukraine until 2022. Something the aggressor is not running to save his Russian world with bombs, missiles and a zombie army.