Europe will soon move away from the use of hydrocarbons

19:41 06 November Kyiv, Ukraine

An intermediate step in the transition to green energy was to be the use of gas instead of oil. Therefore, the EU was so heavily dependent on Russian gas. Europe planned to switch to renewable energy sources by 2035. However, the war in Ukraine somewhat corrected these plans, and today, Western experts predict a faster transition.

It is known that almost the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions are cars. Leading German concerns promise that in the coming years they intend to produce cars with electric engines and complete the production of new internal combustion engines earlier than planned - before 2033.

Oddly enough, the war unleashed by Putin has helped speed up the pace of the EU's green energy transition plan, as Europe has had to sever much-needed ties to Russian gas supplies. Now, the Western attitude towards the Kremlin is not difficult to predict. Putin has done everything to accelerate the development of the West and to reverse progress in Russia.