For Russia, there is no concept of unacceptable losses

21:07 29 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The attitude of the aggressor to human life, unfortunately, is known. The Putin regime is incredibly bloodthirsty. The only thing that Putin and all his associates value is money. The whole so-called “Russian national idea” is built around money, which is needed to get even more money, which is used for theft, murder, blackmail, in order to get even more money.

The concepts of friendship, fidelity, love, patriotism exist only as long as the opportunity to earn money does not arise before one's eyes. So, the Russians go to war for the sake of money - their own and, at the same time, Putin's. A war unleashed by an evil dwarf - to get even more resources, and as a result, money. Support for Putin by Russian elites is explained by the ability to steal with impunity.

Therefore, the propagandist, without fear, declares the non-existent concept of “unacceptable losses”. Everyone in Russia knows that the human life of, for example, a soldier of the Russian army, is evaluated by the equipment issued to him by the military leadership. The smaller it is, the more “cheap” is the life of a Russian soldier.