Sanctions are gaining momentum

11:04 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In connection with the “phenomenal import substitution” and “sanctions we are not afraid of”, the Russian Ministry of Finance came up with a plan on how to save 1.5 trillion rubles. They decided to simply cut spending on the “development of an innovative economy” (-11.5 billion rubles), “development of the occupied Crimea” (-15.8 billion rubles), “development of the space sector” (21.4 billion rubles), “development of rural economy” (25 billion rubles), “development of science” (150 billion rubles), “development of industry” (200 billion rubles), “infrastructure construction plan” (390 billion rubles). All these “developments” are not just taken into brackets, because in fact, if you pay attention to the listed areas, then the only thing that developed with the allocated money was advertising and PR, just like in the case of the army.

Now, Russian officials in these industries, probably for the first time ever, can really be trusted when they say “there is no money”. It is obvious that the budget will be cut due to the fall in GDP, and as you can see, the fall is significant and, according to economists' forecasts, not final. It is possible that before the end of the year, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will adjust the distribution of money one or two more times.

However, this does not mean that Russia has run out of money. Now you can see that the financiers of the aggressor country are literally tearing their hair out, planning the budget for three years in advance so as to avoid a real default within the country, when people will have nothing to pay salaries with. The catch is that Western sanctions, which the propagandists say “they are not afraid of,” only really started to make themselves felt a couple of weeks ago. This avalanche-like process and the fall in GDP, future unemployment, an internal crisis of a larger scale than the infamous default of 1998, cannot be stopped, even if Russia immediately stops the war and signs an act of surrender.

Unfortunately, this happened under such sad circumstances and the Ukrainians had to pay an exorbitant price, but we will be able to watch how the enemy will slowly, in arithmetic progression, “cook” in his own juice behind the new Iron Curtain until the situation in Russia will not become like Iran or Venezuela.