Officials in the Russian Federation wish death to their citizens

16:07 19 November Kyiv, Ukraine

At the opening of the memorial plaque to the deceased occupier, the official wished the students to "go through this." “There was a guy just like you. Walked these streets, smiled, made friends, loved. This is what you have to go through. Understand that this is the same guy as you,” said the head of the administration of the Uzlovsky district, Nikolai Terekhov, speaking to students.

That is, the official directly urged young Russians to go to the front, die and return in a black plastic bag, so that they could say goodbye to them in the same way as with their city dweller. Terekhov forgot to add that the meaning of such a life lies in his own sacrifice for him, other officials and Putin, so that those in power can continue to rob the people in peace.

It is difficult to imagine how such a message can be calmly perceived by civil society.. However, for the Russians, everything seems to be fine. You can stand further, look at the torn bodies of your fellow tribesmen and wait your turn to “go through this”.