A new wave of COVID-19 is expected in winter, as in previous years - Ministry of Health

17:57 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Since coronavirus is a viral disease, a new wave of COVID-19 is expected in the autumn-winter period, as in previous years, said Mikhail Radutsky, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Health. He added that we are talking about a strain that today "walks" in Europe, and in Ukraine - "omicron".
“On the positive side, today, according to WHO, the mortality rate in the world of people who have covid has decreased by 90%.. WHO explains this in the same way as Ukrainian specialists, by the fact that many people were vaccinated, in particular with booster doses," Radutsky said.
He explained that there is no herd immunity in Ukraine, because the vaccination rate has slowed down due to the war.
“And this is not because we do not have enough vaccine, but because people today are not quite up to vaccination when they are bombed with rockets,” he said and said that today it is not a problem to get vaccinated in all territories controlled by Ukraine.
Deputy Minister of Health Maria Karchevich said that immediately, together with the military administration, measures are being taken to ensure the uninterrupted provision of medical care in the Kherson region.
"Today, in the territory of Kherson, all healthcare facilities operate as usual and are provided with the necessary drugs.. We sent and delivered to Kherson 45,000 tons of humanitarian aid, specifically medical: medicines, medical devices, what is needed first of all. numbers to organize and distribution points for local residents. The points of distribution are also organized on the basis of healthcare institutions. As of today (November 15 - ed.) there are two points for the distribution of humanitarian medicines: Freedom Square, the Railway Station. There are also medical workers who carry out the need for examination, consultations, and the like," Karchevich said.
She also said that more than 10 healthcare facilities were destroyed in the Kherson region.
"In Kherson, the entire infrastructure has been preserved so far, and medical equipment in institutions has been preserved. If we talk about the region, then we have damage and infrastructure. In addition, the invaders also stole expensive equipment. Therefore, we are talking about covering urgent needs for the restoration of medical care, and further it is necessary to resume the work of the infrastructure, including institutions," the Deputy Minister of Health added.