Surge in COVID-19 cases in China: Beijing introduces new restrictions

11:00 11 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Today, November 11, 10,729 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in China. In this regard, the PRC authorities announced a lockdown and introduced other restrictions in many places in the country.

Writes about it Associated Press.

In particular, all city parks have been closed in Beijing, many city schools have switched to online classes, hospitals have limited services, some shops and restaurants have also been closed, and their staff has been quarantined. At the same time, in the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing, more than 5 million people were under lockdown.

Enhanced quarantine should continue until Sunday, however, according to AP, the authorities have repeatedly extended such restrictions without explanation.

It is noted that China has a "Zero COVID-19" strategy, which includes, in particular, the requirement to undergo daily testing.. According to media reports, the Chinese are predominantly unhappy with this government strategy: not only because of personal inconvenience, but also because of the collapse of the economy due to numerous lockdowns.