Another wave of COVID may come in mid-February - Lyashko

18:49 11 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The situation with coronavirus in Ukraine is under control, but the disease should not be neglected, because another wave of incidence may occur in mid-February.
Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko spoke about this.
“The situation in the country is stable: last week we have 2,700 cases of coronavirus. Compared to the previous week, the indicator fell by 13%. More than 3 million cases have been registered in the world over the past week, that is, Covid continues to do its dirty work and, unfortunately, there are also fatal cases," said Viktor Lyashko.
As the Minister of Health added, the Ukrainian figure of 2,700 cases is not reliable, because many Ukrainians do not undergo diagnostics, having symptoms of the disease, and do not submit biomaterial for research.. Therefore, there is an underdiagnosis of coronavirus in Ukraine.
“At the same time, the strain that is currently circulating does not lead to the filling of healthcare facilities. We track the number of hospitalized and discharged patients, as well as the number of patients in hospitals on oxygen therapy. Therefore, today we have a controlled situation - we have a filling of no more than 5% of the beds that are reserved for this therapy.. Everything is calm, but the second main peak in the season of influenza, SARS and Covid, which was in previous years, shows that the wave occurs in mid-February. Therefore, we do not relax," Lyashko added.
Recall, as noted by the infectious disease specialist, head of the National Group of Experts on Immunoprophylaxis under the Ministry of Health, Fedor Lapiy, a new wave of Covid is possible in Ukraine. According to statistics, 50-70 people die from this disease every week - several times less than in October last year.. But it should be borne in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg, the number of victims of the disease may be higher and the threat of a new wave of diseases is quite real.