Waiting for official announcement...

15:45 03 September Kyiv, Ukraine

To be frank, from the very beginning of the talk about the "inspection" mission of the IAEA, which would have to determine the real state of affairs at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, occupied by Moscow fascists, the idea of this "respectable international institution" looked rather illusory.

Firstly, the occupying authorities of the country, one of the clearest signs of which is a solid and total lie, had enough time to prepare the territory of the nuclear power plant for such a “visit”, not only hiding the traces of their own crimes, but also preparing “a lot of evidence of crimes Ukrainian authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

And the invader, of course, prepared. Partially removed heavy weapons from the territory, “hung the locks and lost the key” from those premises that were “not for the eyes of the“ respectful commission ”, placed traces of shelling and destruction of the nuclear power plant by Ukrainian barbarians in predetermined places ... Well, nothing that is not on that trajectories! It will do so! And this “it will do” clearly points to the “second”, to a real assessment of the IAEA’s ability to somehow influence the situation and make some decisions regarding the real threat of a nuclear catastrophe and, most importantly, the FIRST causes of such a threat.

“We saw everything we wanted…”. “Level green-red…”. “Despite the shelling, the ZNPP is operating and is in a “relatively good condition”. "We weren't allowed to..." "It's not ideal, it's a tense situation..."

Dear Mr. IAEA Director General Rafael Grosi! Ukraine and Ukrainians have been hearing about “deep concern” from the UN for six months. Also a "powerful international fund." Didn't you have enough facts to understand the mortal danger to which the world society is exposed to a monkey with a nuclear grenade in his hand?

Could it really be that the composition of your “highly professional commission of scientists, specialists in nuclear issues” was able to carry out all the necessary research in 2.5 hours? Have you satisfied your research needs with the fables of the “rosaty” representative about “turning the rocket 180 degrees” and visiting the catering department?

A powerful international commission with a "feeling of an exemplary mission accomplished" quickly left ZNPP. True, not all. Of the 14 explorers, 5 stayed for two more days. Unfortunately, it has not yet been made public, representatives of which countries remained at the ZNPP: Poland and Lithuania or Serbia and China. It depends on whether the remaining experts “see” what other “commissioners” could not “see” in 2.5 hours of visiting. At least if the eyes are not closed...

Perhaps we are wrong, and it is quite enough for real specialists to make impartial conclusions in 2-3 hours. Let's wait for the official IAEA report on the causes and extent of the nuclear threat. But most importantly. How to prevent and mitigate this threat. Moreover, Ukrainians, without any “professional conclusions”, understand well “Why”, “What” and “How”. But, the feeling does not let go that the IAEA, like the UN, is trying too soft terms in the absence of a firm, confident position and real actions to actually distance itself from Russia's criminal war that it unleashed against Ukraine.

But with a nuclear threat, this will not work.. It is not certain that Russian missiles will reach Rome, Paris or Beijing. But for a cloud of nuclear dust there is practically no limit. And, God forbid, if the monkey nevertheless decides to “throw” this “grenade”, a nuclear catastrophe will destroy not only “such a distant Ukraine”, but will also reach the homes of almost every member of the “venerable IAEA mission”.