Who created you?

15:20 25 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The life cycle of most biological creatures is aimed at extending their kind and protecting offspring from the threats of the outside world. This is an axiom. The more developed the animal, the more aggressively it protects its children from any misfortune.. Gives birth, feeds, teaches and protects. Of course, there are exceptions who not only do not protect, but even kill their own children. In natural selection, only the strongest and fittest survive.. Those who are able to continue their race, strengthening it with their genes.

Man, who is at the top step of the pyramid of evolution, is inherent in almost all manifestations of the animal world. The innate reflexes that we inherited are enhanced by acquired reflexes that help a person adapt to life in society. Both the first and most of the second are aimed at fulfilling the same task as in the animal world - the continuation and strengthening of their own kind.

As in the world of animals, there is an exception in the world of people who do not need their own descendants at all and, in their opinion, do not deserve not only protection, but even life.. Such "exceptions" in the human world are called freaks.

We humans have always believed that there are very few such freaks for whom their own children are an empty place. A sort of statistical error for the eight billion population of the planet. But the war that Russia started against Ukraine made it clear how wrong we were! Such "bastards" are not isolated. And their animal nature is even more terrible than we could imagine...

The Russian nation (if the word “nation” is applicable to a gathering of degrading individuals) behaves as if it wants to live its “last day”, which has already come, as quickly as possible.

Ruthlessly sending their own children to perish in a senseless criminal aggression against Ukraine, the Russian "fathers and mothers" are not at all worried about their future fate. Even if that further “fate” is death. Death is not for one's family, one's country, one's life, but death as a sacrifice to the painful delirium of a half-witted short man who imagined himself to be a "new imperial god".

What a humiliation it must be to understand that you are not expected at home? That no one needs you alive and the desires of your parents and relatives come down only to an insane thirst to get a new car or household appliances for your death. Or pay off your debt. Or simply - to relax with the remnants of the family somewhere in the Russian swamps.

Can one be called a person who “honours” the memory of a dead child with a brand new “prior”? Or those creatures who make lawsuits against relatives for "coffin" payments, meaning not the installation of a monument in a cemetery, but the satisfaction of their own mercantile needs?

Such manifestations of the degeneration of the "Russian nation", apparently, should please us. For Russia is our fierce bloody enemy who came to our land in an attempt to destroy our life. And it is unlikely that any of the Ukrainians can wish them, the Russians, anything other than a speedy death.

But we are people. Real. And as real people, we cannot even realize the very possibility of such a brutal attitude towards our own descendants.. For these are no longer people, but ugly creatures that God did not create. A genetic aberration incomprehensible to mankind, a defect of the Homo sapiens species, which does not have the right to development and life. The social rudiment of civilization, which, in the end, will fall away from the "body" of humanity.

The sooner, the better!