Color of the Nation

19:14 14 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Much can be argued about which nation is the most courageous, devoted and united. Apparently, representatives of each nation have something to say and give examples. The morning of February 24 of this year dotted the “i” and eliminated all disputes about this. It became obvious to the whole world which is the most courageous and united nation in the world, and its antipode - the most vile, the most downtrodden and worthless ...

The Kremlin based its "bloody competition" on determining the winning nation, without even understanding or realizing the dire consequences for Russia. 204 days of baseless criminal aggression against Ukraine, which has already crossed all possible "red lines" of the 3-day "special operation", proved the insignificance of the Russian society, which was so actively happy and clapped its hands in the first days of the occupation, and now, in desperation, is following the rapid and the shameful flight of the occupier from the Ukrainian lands.

Brave marches and smiling faces gave way to whining about the need for a ceasefire and an invitation to negotiations. Still, quite unexpectedly for the pseudo-nation of pseudo-winners, the war ended up on the border with the cell of Evil itself and is already knocking on the doors of the border regions of Russia. Louder every day! And, sooner or later, this door will be open, that is, it will be knocked out with jambs by the Ukrainian army.

And nowhere to hide descendants strictly. Except for the Urals. Perhaps... If the Ukrainians "calm down" in Kursk, Rostov or Moscow.

And no one will help the "poor Russians offended by Bandera". The army is practically defeated, there is little hope for Eritrea, moderate "Chinese tigers" instead of help will take away even what they have not yet taken from Russia, but have long considered theirs. And their own "courageous defenders" are already exhausting the last stocks of plastic bags. And there are no “defenders” left (or have they never existed?). And the “children of the mountains” and “tattooed inmates” do not at all “pull” either for “courage” or for “loyalty”.

And to whom can they be devoted? A non-existent "strong nation", a gray and vile accumulation of biomass with twisted needs and ghostly dreams? Or the old erroneous dictator, who has long "melted" in his numerous clones and it is no longer clear whether he is still alive, or has long been in the front row at the "singing wig" concert?

There is nothing and no one to defend in Russia. For, as it turned out, there is no such country or nation in the full sense of these words ...

And there is Ukraine! And will always be! And the whole world is convinced of this. And there is the Ukrainian Nation, real, united and courageous! For only the Real Nation is protected by everyone, together, regardless of age or gender! Only for the Real Nation, university professors, owners of powerful campaigns and banks, singers, actors, dancers go into battle. Those who are in another country and another Kin could calmly follow the developments at the front "from the rear" and sympathize with the losses, drinking morning coffee in the sunny courtyard of their own house.

It is impossible even to imagine that the prima of the State Academic Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater in St. Petersburg would defend Kursk with a weapon in her hands, for example. It's not about them. Not about the Russians.

It's about Ukrainians. Real. Those who in peacetime gave themselves completely to the service of the Ukrainian Nation, and with the outbreak of war, they defended their country, despite the "regalia" and "peaceful" achievements.

There is such a thing as "the color of the nation." For Ukraine - every Ukrainian is its color. And there is no difference between a university teacher or a simple milling turner. Between those who, with weapons in their hands, defend their home, their families, loved ones and relatives. And who is dying at the front from the abomination that decided to raise its hand against the Ukrainian Nation.

Sadness… War always takes the best… Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, laureate of the Sculpture Prize named after. M. Yaroshenko sculptor and ceramist Svyatoslav Pashinsky, ballet soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Shapoval… Hundreds, thousands of names, world famous and ordinary Ukrainians, representatives of the Ukrainian Nation who gave their lives for it. Not for a title, not for an official honor, especially not for money.

For the Freedom and Future of the Ukrainian Nation!

Therefore the enemy is doomed. For the “Russian land” has long been impoverished with heroes (if there ever were any). Only murderers, marauders and abominations remained, from which a real Nation can never be created. And rotten "clamps" will not help here ...