The NBU explained the ban on exchangers to hang out the scoreboard with rates

17:01 02 August Kyiv, Ukraine

What does the ban on non-banking institutions to demonstrate the exchange rate outside the cash desks really mean, explained Olga Lobaychuk, head of the NBU Financial Services Consumer Rights Protection Department.
According to her, supply and demand stabilized in the non-cash segment of the foreign exchange market after the fixed rate was increased by 25% to UAH 36.6 per dollar.. And in the cash market, the rate has grown significantly.
"The permanent increase in the exchange rate by non-bank institutions in the cash segment of the foreign exchange market over the past week may indicate an attempt to make money on the panicked mood of the population, which themselves provoke an increase in the exchange rate, sometimes several times a day.. That is why the NBU strengthens supervision over these institutions.
The NBU says that the set of actions they have adopted will help reduce the speculative component in the foreign exchange market.

According to the financial regulator, the absence of a scoreboard "at every turn" will prevent the population from being aggressively pushed to use financial services that they may not actually need.
"Consequently, an appropriate decision should reduce the influence of the psychological factor on the exchange rate, and therefore help to reduce fluctuations in the market. And the set of measures introduced will contribute to a more responsible participation of non-banking financial institutions in the foreign exchange market," the NBU said.