Ukrainian Eurobonds again fell in price

14:05 13 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Quotes of Ukrainian Eurobonds have been depreciating for the third week in a row, having fallen by 4.5% over the past week alone.

It is reported by Bloomberg.
The "shortest" securities maturing in September of this year fell the least in price - by 0.4% - to 69.6% of the face value, however, due to the proximity of the maturity date, the rate on them rose to 190.3% per annum against 171 % per annum a week earlier.

Quotes of securities with maturity in 2023-2025 fell by 2.7-3.6% over the week, in 2025-2029 - by 4.4-6.9%, and the "longest" ones, with maturity in 2032-2033 years - by 3.5-4.4 p.p.

In particular, at the end of last week, Eurobonds maturing in September 2023 were quoted at a rate of 97.7% per annum, in September 2024 - 64.2% per annum, in 2025 - 49.5%, in 2026 - 39 .6%.

Rates on securities maturing in 2027-2029 rose to 34.7-29.6%, and on the longest bonds maturing in 2032-2033 - up to 25.5-25%.

Euro bonds maturing in 2026 were quoted with a yield of 44.7%, in 2030 - 23.9%, which is 2.6 p.p.. and 1.1 p.p.. higher than at the end of last week.

The price of GDP warrants, which in the middle of the week before last pulled up closer to the maximum since the beginning of the war - 38.8% of the nominal value (compared to 60% before the war), ended last week at around 36.3% of the nominal value.