Ukraine plans to export 3 million tons of agricultural products per month via grain corridor

16:31 29 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine plans to export 3 million tons of agricultural products per month through the grain corridor not only from the ports of Big Odessa, but also extend the initiative to the port of Nikolaev, after which exports can grow to 5 million tons.
This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure Alexander Kubrakov and an interview with Economic Truth, published on Monday, August 29.
"27 ships left our ports (the interview was recorded on August 20 - ed.), 10 were loading yesterday. These are those who went out and came in, that is, they were not there before the start of a full-scale war," the minister said.
At the same time, 40 applications have already been received for loading agricultural products in the ports of Big Odessa under the grain agreement, about 700 thousand tons of food have already left the ports.

The Ministry of Infrastructure wants to expand the grain agreement and add other ports, except for Odessa, Chernomorsk and Pivdenny. In particular, we are talking about the port of Nikolaev.
"Approximately 40% of our agricultural products were previously exported from the Nikolaev port. There are many grain terminals of ours and international companies. Therefore, of course, we want him to be in the initiative. We are working on it. We are concerned about one condition: safety. The guarantor of this security, if we act exclusively within the framework of the initiative, can only be the UN and Turkey," Kubrakov stressed.
But, according to him, progress in this direction directly depends on security issues.. "New unpredictable stories" can scare the market.
"If everything happens the way it is now, by the results of September we will be able to reach 3 million tons of grain per month from only three ports of Big Odessa. This is the nearest goal, and the total throughput capacity of these three ports is about 5 million tons," he noted. minister.

Kubrakov recalled that before the war, Ukraine exported 5-7 million tons of agricultural products per month, including the port of Nikolaev and ports on the Sea of Azov, which are now inaccessible. But now the ports on the Danube, the railway and freight transport of products to the nearest ports in the European Union are also operating.