Ukraine may start importing electricity from Europe - Head of Ukrenergo

12:30 24 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of Ukrenergo, Volodymyr Kudrytsky, said that if necessary, Ukraine could start importing electricity from Europe.
“We have the technical ability to import. We also have the option of requesting emergency assistance from the EU. The problem is that European electricity prices will be much higher than domestic Ukrainian prices, ” Kudrytsky said.
According to him, this is not done by Ukrenergo, but by participants in the Ukrainian market - traders, suppliers. Large consumers can also import for themselves if they have the appropriate license.
“I think that under certain conditions we can see imports this heating season. We remember that we imported electricity from Belarus in past years. Now, of course, this will not happen, we are in a single energy system with Europe, and, accordingly, such imports are possible from Europe," Kudritsky added.