The country of negative reality: in the Russian Federation, the reduction in the volume of international reserves was explained

17:17 24 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Denial of the war, not a fall, but a "negative rise", instead of losses - a denial in growth. Now to these concepts is added also "negative revaluation".
So officials of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation delicately explain the reason for the reduction in the volume of Russia's international reserves.

According to the regulator, as of June 17, 2022, they amounted to $582.3 billion. Volume fell 2.1%, or $12.3 billion in a week.

As early as February 18, Russia's bins had gold and foreign exchange reserves worth $643.2 billion.

And soon information about the size of Russia's gold reserves will become a state secret. The relevant bill was approved in the first reading by the State Duma

Its initiators want to prevent information from falling into the hands of "unfriendly foreign states". But at the same time they are afraid that the population of the "superpower" itself will learn the truth about the depletion of reserves. Also in Russia, they fear that gold may become the next object of sanctions.
In addition, the government of the Russian Federation came up with a proposal to create a reserve of precious metals, products and stones in the state fund in order to use them "for the mobilization" needs of the country.

If the bill is approved, then the decision on the formation of certain reserves will be made by the Russian Fuhrer Putin.