Slovakia will provide Ukraine with equipment for the repair of the energy system

07:56 04 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Slovakia officially announced that it is ready to provide Ukraine with the necessary equipment for the restoration of main electrical substations with a total value of one million euros.
SEPS, the operator of the electricity transmission system in Slovakia, will send eight trucks with equipment to restore damaged main substations, which were damaged by rocket attacks and shelling from Russia. This is part of the broad support that the Slovak counterparts have been providing to the Ukrainian people since the very first days of the full-scale invasion.
The total cost of the equipment provided is one million euros, and it will help restore the operation of several high-voltage substations in different regions of Ukraine. The first two trucks with equipment will leave Slovakia today, and the remaining trucks will be delivered in the coming days.
Peter Dovhun, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SEPS, said that they understand the difficult situation that the Ukrainian people are in and are trying to provide the best possible assistance.. He also expressed his joy that they were able to find the necessary equipment and spare parts that Ukraine can use. Ukrenergo emphasized that they are looking forward to this cargo, since the availability of working equipment is the most important condition for restoring the energy infrastructure and preparing for the next heating season.