How much since the start of the war Ukrainians have donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

11:08 23 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, more than UAH 33.96 billion have been donated to the accounts of the NBU, United24, "Turn back alive" and the Prytula fund.

This is reported by Opendatabot.

Both Ukrainians and foreigners donated to the accounts.

The largest contribution - 15.8 billion - was collected to the accounts of the NBU for three months: from February 24 to May 5.

United 24 for 8 months of work, from May to December, collected UAH 8.6 billion. 81% of the amount (UAH 7 billion) the fund sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. More than UAH 1.1 billion, or 13%, was directed to medical assistance and 6%, or UAH 0.5 billion, to the reconstruction of the country.

The peak of donations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine came in July, when Ukrainians donated UAH 2.2 billion to the fund.

Fund "Turn back alive" since February 24 has collected 5.6 billion UAH. The largest amount - UAH 1.6 billion - was donated in March. Since then, on average, the fund has collected about 350 million hryvnia per month.

Prytula's fund has collected about UAH 4 billion since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. In October, the number of donations more than tripled a month and reached UAH 658 million.