Rashists damaged sports infrastructure in Ukraine for at least $250 million

18:57 13 January Kyiv, Ukraine

According to preliminary estimates, damage to the sports infrastructure of Ukraine as a result of a full-scale Russian invasion is estimated at $ 250 million.

This was told by Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Matvey Bidny.
According to the minister, most sports facilities were destroyed in the Lugansk region - 89, Donetsk - 61, Kharkiv - 46, Mykolaiv - 27, Kherson - 24, Kyiv - 21, Dnepropetrovsk - 15, Chernihiv - 12, Sumy (11) regions.
Famous athletes help to raise money for the restoration of damaged objects.

For example, football player Andriy Yarmolenko became the official ambassador of the Olympic Training and Sports Center "Chernihiv". He promised to become an intermediary between the management of the center and European football clubs in order to more effectively raise funds for the restoration of the sports complex.

The Borussia Dortmund football club offers its help.

Sports arenas in Ukraine serve as humanitarian hubs. Officials say they support them, for example, 9 million hryvnias have been allocated to pay for utilities at Arena Lviv.